Hospice (10)

So Maurice Sendak passed away and as David so lovingly put it, his work is already a big formative influence on Hospice.

And Friday, Adam Yauch passed away. These are reminders of what the core of Hospice concerns; death and its timing and the importance of living, not merely existing.

This morning I’ve been listening to the new Richard Hawley album ‘Standing On The Sky’s Edge’ having read about its creation in The Observer. Learning that it was inspired by nature and the passing of one of his friends made me want to hear it and it is wonderful. Shamefully, the first Hawley album I’ve owned, but then I always say art and artists come to us when we need them.

I can already feel that within it are great inspirations for my writing of Hospice. Tonally, atmospherically, lyrically. Even the album cover conveys much of what I want this piece to feel like in terms of colour and perspective.

So a sad week, but one that reminds us of the beauty of life, and the importance of seizing it. Despite the title, and those themes this is not a story of despair, but one of hope and optimism.

i’m no soapbox merchant but what defines a civilised society for me is that we look after the sick and the elderly, educate our kids, nourish and cherish the next generation and give them ideals that are worth sticking to

– richard hawley