My Thoughts On…The Trial (Blu Ray Release Review)


Blu Ray Release: Monday September 10th 2012


This will be a shorter piece, as I recently wrote about this film in a bit of depth here.

The fact that it is on Blu Ray though, thanks to the Studio Canal UK is a thing of joy and wonder that needs further celebration.

The Trial is a masterpiece in my opinion, one of the finest films by one of the finest ever filmmakers, if not the finest. It’s second only in the Welles canon to Touch of Evil. It’s daring, it’s frustrating, it’s beautiful, it’s unique. It’s pure cinema. Watch it on Blu Ray, go on, do it.

My Thoughts On…The Trial

Along with Paths Of Glory this is probably one of the most infuriating and rage inducing films I’ve ever seen. I adore it, easily one of my favourite Welles films sitting just below Touch Of Evil, and I’ve watched it a lot. It never fails to anger me with how raw and real and plausible it feels. It helps that like Paths Of Glory it is a work of supreme cinematic art.

Seriously, where is the daring in cinema now? This looks spectacular, each composition is peerless, flawless, flooring me with its power and depth of meaning.

Perkins is sublime, perfectly cast and the film moves along at such a slow pace that it all becomes confusing, and drawn out. Welles is storming, as usual and Romy Schneider is wonderful as the pale, callow, institutionalised maid/nurse/object of Welles’ beguiling, brusque and confounding Advocate.

I showed it to my students this morning, I am not sure how it went down, but one afterwards said she got confused, and wanted it to be over.

I told her that is the point. That’s what the system, what society be it corporations, bureaucrats, bullies, the government want. They want us to give up, to lose hope and resign to control. Most would say they don’t want a film that makes them feel that way, I say I want a film that reminds me life feels that way sometimes, if we let it.

A masterpiece.