Hospice (12)

Amongst joy, there is sadness. As is life.

David recently celebrated the arrival of the wonderful Benjamin Charles Litchfield and is glowing from the resultant Fatherhood.

But the Arts Council said no to our proposal. They listed two reasons. One was the one I knew we would fall down on, the one I raised prior and felt that we would come unstuck with, in terms of match funding.

The other, I completely disagree with, there is no way the proposal didn’t clearly, or comprehensively engage the public, in fact it was robust in this area. Alas. Alas. Alas.

So we met last week to chew it over and the consensus is thus.

Let’s do it anyway.

We said we would, and we will.

So, we are going to chill on it for a couple of months, let David enjoy his first summer as a Daddy and then in September start just working on it anyway, maybe with some crowdsourcing activity, we reckon we could muster some support that way to get the book printed in a limited run, and provide some cool asides. 

There’s also the opportunity to develop a really cool partnership for the project, it’s a pipedream currently, but one if it came off, would be amazing.

We love this idea too much to drop it, and in many ways, we have regained and retained the freedom to do what we want, without ticking grant boxes so while the money would have been nice, the freedom is nicer. 

Have a good summer, see you in September (Hospice wise)

Hospice (5)

Tomorrow our application for funding goes off to the Arts Council. We are pretty confident in it, David and myself, well as confident as one can be.

Even if it’s a no, we have now created an atmosphere and structure to the project that we can move forward regardless. We will know in about 6 weeks.

If it’s a no, we move to plan B, which is write and illustrate it anyway. Because we love the idea, and the story, and the chance to work together.

In the meantime, as we wait, I start my research with the texts above, courtesy of David.

Ashamed to say I’ve never read a graphic novel. Now you could see me as one of those annoying fund hunters, seeking cash for anything, but you’d be wrong.

I’ve always been fascinated by the form, and appreciative from a distance but this project has given me the chance to focus and dedicate time to reading and absorbing the work. Which is exciting.

We stand at the precipice.