Hospice (11)


Still waiting on the Arts Council bid, but the inspirations and thoughts are still flowing. 

The project seems to be drawing heavily on fairytale imagery, particularly woodland and forests. Some key references David has collected so far lean towards these archetypes (see his references so far here).

And that’s fine, it seems a good fit. Despite the story being contemporary and not taking place in woodland or forests it definitely seems to be a spell that is cast over the tone and atmosphere of the piece.

So it was with great joy and curiosity that I viewed a friend’s work at an exhibition last night.

Transition/Pareja is currently showing at the University of Bedfordshire and features the work of 4 Latvian artists. I know one of them, Nelda Karklina and her work really resonated with me and I thought immediately of Hospice.

Her four pieces feature mythical creatures deep in woodland and they emit a feeling of power, fear, loss and being lost. They are beautifully rendered and mix the delicate with the strong and the colours teeter between pink flesh and red blood hues. They are incredibly powerful; primitive yet resonant with the current. 

You don’t get a sense of how the texture affects the piece from the image below (one of the 4 pieces on display) but hopefully it will prompt you to pop in and see the show. It’s free, and runs until May 24th, and is fantastic.

Thank you to Nelda for the image to use here as we document our own artistic journey. Follow her tumblr here where Nelda explains her work with great eloquence.