Hospice (9)

There’s a cafe in Bedford called Luscious Juice bar. David and myself head there every Thursday for lunch to escape work and talk about stuff, mainly Hospice. We have the same thing every week.

They make the most incredible smoked salmon and poached eggs on toast, and we have coffee and these brownies (sometimes available as a brownie torte) which defy belief, truly, and it’s all exquisite. It’s the most incredible lunch. Budget cuts (our own) have meant we only go there once a fortnight at the moment, but I can see, that if we get our funding, we will back to being weekly guests.

That place and their exquisite food has already played a massive part in the Hospice story and I can see it being integral to our realisation of whatever this thing turns out to be. What a place to be inspired, and realise the wonder of things, and escape the grind, for some wonderful coffee. Freshly grind.


Writing in the garden. Sunshine. Coffee. A sense that I know what I’m doing, writing about finally.

Like coming over the horizon as a certain song kicks in on the radio I listened to this for the first time, and the perfect marriage of sound and action was achieved.

Love it when that happens.

If you are in the sun today. Driving, walking, sitting, or writing like me, you need this record on.