My Thoughts On…The Castle Of Cagliostro


Blu Ray / DVD Release: Monday November 12th 2012


Studio Ghibli, and the films of Hayao Miyazaki have always left me cold. Like the band Queen, I’ve admired and appreciated them, but never been able to love them. Maybe I just needed a way in, because this is absolutely sublime.

The story follows Lupin, a cheeky thief who falls in love with, and aims to rescue a Princess from the clutches of an evil Count, who stands in the way of Lupin’s latest haul. Maybe it’s the fact that the story is more up my street - cops and robbers, than more recent Ghibli fare, but nonetheless, it blew me away.

It’s fast, the adventure is beautifully plotted - taking in romance, politics, morality and jealousy. The opening sequence is one of pure joy, and sets the pace and tone. It’s a beautifully animated film with much of the fantasy elements wild and open.

There’s so much heart and imagination it’s clear now to see how Mayazaki developed into such a beloved, renowned master of family adventure stories. It’s got me eager for more, now I’ve finally ‘seen’ what is going on. And the Blu Ray transfer looks absolutely stunning, really brings the animation to life. Wondrous.

Hospice (8)

AKira 3 was a riot. It got a bit confusing in the middle, as it went back and forth, and could have done without much of the flip flopping but it redeemed itself with a phenomenal ending. As Akira awakened and destroyed neo-Tokyo in a blaze of light I forgot to exhale. 

What made the moment special was after putting the book down and turning off the bedside light, a beautiful storm stirred up outside. Bassy rumbles of thunder, epic lightning. Made the reading fully resonant and real. Wondrous.

Got in today and David had this little gem waiting for me, a gift because he had it twice, which was a lovely tonic. And it looks brilliant, it’s one of David’s favourites.

I want to start the pile he has given, but I need to know how Akira ends, I’m hooked. Also fortuitously the new BFI guide for June arrived and they have an Anime season on, including Akira. All roads point to this work.