My Thoughts On…Looper

**spoiler alert**

Woah. I did not expect that. I knew it was going to be a lot of fun, and well made but I didn’t know it went that route. The writing here is sublime, some nice pulpy dialogue alongside a decent handle of some tricky conceptual material, all of it never at the expense of entertainment.  So much fun. Great action, looks great, some awesome casting. 

It sows some excellent plot seeds, and I knew that telekinesis was going to play a role but holy mama I did not expect it to go all Akira, and when it does, well it’s just stunning, and elevates what is already a great piece of hokum to something truly memorable. 

Any film that channels Back to the Future Part Two and Akira has to be a winner right? Also, Garret Dillahunt should be in everything. Just saying.

Still smiling.

Hospice (17)

The 2nd application for the project is with the Arts Council, we will find out about funding in mid Feb.

But 2013 is the year myself and David will write it, whatever happens. Started my Christmas break reading Akira 4. Which I think may be my favourite so far. It’s really intense, and bleak, and sad. It feels like the Empire Strikes Back of the series. Really hope that 5 doesn’t introduce fluffy idiots a la Jedi.

Some absolutely beautiful imagery, and stunningly sets up the end game. Loved it.

Hospice (8)

AKira 3 was a riot. It got a bit confusing in the middle, as it went back and forth, and could have done without much of the flip flopping but it redeemed itself with a phenomenal ending. As Akira awakened and destroyed neo-Tokyo in a blaze of light I forgot to exhale. 

What made the moment special was after putting the book down and turning off the bedside light, a beautiful storm stirred up outside. Bassy rumbles of thunder, epic lightning. Made the reading fully resonant and real. Wondrous.

Got in today and David had this little gem waiting for me, a gift because he had it twice, which was a lovely tonic. And it looks brilliant, it’s one of David’s favourites.

I want to start the pile he has given, but I need to know how Akira ends, I’m hooked. Also fortuitously the new BFI guide for June arrived and they have an Anime season on, including Akira. All roads point to this work.

Hospice (7)

I said I wasn’t going to start research until we heard from the Arts Council but David, bless him, is just a little ball of excitement and thrust some graphic novels under my nose, so I have started.

I’ve finished volumes 1 and 2 of Akira now. And just wow.

It’s weird. I think I’m an idiot. Assuming it would take a time comparable to novels, or at least short stories to read. The images dance through the mind so rapidly, dialogue is punchy, and sometimes not needed, I just raced through and now, as I type this I see it so vividly. 

I’ve never seen the movies either, so the movie in my mind is created entirely from these incredible pages. 

Volume 2 is basically an action film. Non stop attack on the eyes. Wonderful.

As I was reading, I realised how much Hospice research I could do around my doctorate research as it such a quick, yet rewarding process. So I will be calling on friends with books, and thanks to some sage advice from a friend, joining Luton Central Library who apparently have a great selection.

I’ll be documenting my thoughts on each book here, for my own process as much as anything.

Next up is Cyril Pedrosa’s Three Shadows as David hasn’t given me the next volumes of Akira yet.

Excited, to read them, but also to create something that is in a completely new vernacular for me.