A lovely tribute from my graphic novel collaborator


Very, very sad to hear today’s news about the death  of  Maurice Sendak at the age of 83. 

I am a huge admirer of artist who manage create complete worlds just for us. Worlds for us to escape into. Mr Sendak was an artist who did just that.

I have had the same copy of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ since I was 0 years old. It has been a gigantic influence on my work so far (just look at most of my ‘Freak of The Week’ postings) and absolutely continues to be at the forefront of my own creative output.

In fact, the next few months I have three big projects planned. All of them use ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ as a reference point in their planning notes. My mood boards are filled with those iconic characters from the books (and from the film that was inspired by it). Every meeting I have regarding these projects ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ gets a mention.

Sendak’s other books are great too, ‘In The Night Kitchen’  and ‘Seven Little Monsters’ are obviously classics in their own right. But, ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ will always have a resonating impact on me every time I read it.

Amazing illustrator, amazing writer. Amazing book.